Well, that didn’t last :-)

Went back to Windows 7 because the linux desktop really isn’t ready for the mainstream. They can’t even get font rendering right, and the mish-mash of UI toolkits makes any apps you run look very non-standard.

I’ll keep the Slackware partition, but I’ll not be back in linux for anything other than compiling my apps.

Speaking of which, SpecOS is going well:

That last one is particularly pleasing, if not exactly fast. Still, I worked out that a real spectrum would need to be using a 9GHz CPU in order to execute the same program at the same speed! I’m assuming that means that sinclair BASIC isn’t very efficient :-)


One Response to “Well, that didn’t last :-)”

  1. Karl McNeil Says:

    Absolutely brill!… Been looking forward to seeing this one get off the ground… Looking good!… Great to interesting projects related to the speccy…

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