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Just one other thing… There’s someone nasty lurking at WOS.

Posted in Uncategorized on August 20, 2010 by zxdunny

And I just thought you should know.

Recently, there was a round of banning of unsavoury users that went on. Moderators were led to believe that one user had a vendetta against another, and said other produced IRC chat logs to “prove” it. Now, that other person is Nick Humphries, and he lurked (under an assumed name) in the #spin IRC channel, silently logging everything that was said – in particular the words of Andrew Owen, who was Nick’s intended victim on WOS. Nick didn’t contribute to any conversation in #spin, his sole intention was to gather ammunition for his vendetta.

Those of you that follow Comp.Sys.Sinclair may recall that Nick led a similar campaign of idiocy against Peter Thoma$, but Usenet being the beast that it is, he couldn’t get Peter banned – so he just attacked him at most opportunities. Google has the archives if you’re interested.

So anyway, Nick went off to WOS, and suggested that Andrew be banned. The upshot was that the moderators banned Andrew for 30 days, and Nick for 7 days. But that’s not all it seems – Nick had previously announced that he was taking a 7 day holiday from the boards. Make of that what you will, but it’s pretty plain that Nick manoeuvred the Mods into doing what he wanted.

Another (possibly intended) side effect was that other users got banned for being “puppet” accounts – one of which was my 16 year-old son. ┬áBecause his account uses the same IP address, and because he asked me what to write for some replies to folks on the board, he was banned also. That was quite scary for a young child of that age – he had no idea that people could be like that, but he knows now what sorts of people are on the moderation team at WOS.

So yes, there’s something nasty lurking at WOS. It’s called Nick Humphries, and he’s the sort of person that schemes in the background, silently lurking and gathering evidence to prove his twisted theories, and trying desperately to gain self-worth by making other people fight eachother at his whim. And it’s sad to see, it really is.

Here’s the reply I posted to WOS to Nick when he claimed he’d only discuss what happened in private:


Well, that didn’t last :-)

Posted in SpecOS on August 20, 2010 by zxdunny

Went back to Windows 7 because the linux desktop really isn’t ready for the mainstream. They can’t even get font rendering right, and the mish-mash of UI toolkits makes any apps you run look very non-standard.

I’ll keep the Slackware partition, but I’ll not be back in linux for anything other than compiling my apps.

Speaking of which, SpecOS is going well:

That last one is particularly pleasing, if not exactly fast. Still, I worked out that a real spectrum would need to be using a 9GHz CPU in order to execute the same program at the same speed! I’m assuming that means that sinclair BASIC isn’t very efficient :-)